wish i could care less

2021-10-16 0 By 커피사유
Rhythm Doctor OST – wish i could care less

File > New, stare at nothing for an hour or two
Drop in a beat, like a hundred other artists would do
Click in some chords, like a hundred other artist could do, like

Probably gonna hit that “don’t save changes”, again
Used to write a song a day
It’s just that lately my prefection’s in the way, of me,
and I can’t make no changes to save me

Wish I could write more, care less,
Wish I could write more, and care less,
Write more, and care less,
and care less

Sometimes I’m angry I’m not doing better
than I thought I’d do at this point
I punish myself by depriving my health
of the things that I like until I fix this

But it doesn’t really help I just get more depressed
I do even less cause I can’t work when I’m stressed
And igorning my friends, means when I’m finally done,
there’ll be no one left to make this all worth it

Oh, I’ve been thinking too much
and now two hours have passed
and I’ve got nothing to show

I guess tomorrow
We’ll give it another go

Rhythm Doctor OST – wish i could care less (2-1N), Lyrics