English Essays #1. My Most Remarkable Failure in My Life

English Essays #1. My Most Remarkable Failure in My Life

2021-10-01 0 By 커피사유

English Essays 시리즈는 카페지기 커피사유가 영어로 작성한 각종 연습글들과 에세이들을 모아놓은 공간입니다.

우선 서두에 이 글은 서울대학교 Jennifer Baillargeon 교수님의 College English 2: Writing 수업의 과제 일환으로 작성된 연습용 문단임을 밝혀둡니다.

Before everything, I’d like to notify you that this short paragraph was written in a college class, named ‘College English 2: Writing’ in Seoul National University, leaded by Professor Jennifer Baillargeon.

If someone asks me what is your most remarkable failure in your life, I’d like to say that it was my 1st exam as a freshman in high-school. Contrary to my great expetations about mt scores formed by doing well in my previous school life, I got terrible scores at every subject. At the first-look, I wasn’t able to believe the score sheet. But the scores never changed even if I rub my eyes and look at the sheet again. I was so downhearted with what I got. I satrted blaming myself, and even lost confidence in my favourite subjects. But as time went by, I became conscious that there will not be any changes if I continue doing like that. So I knocked on every door to ask every theacher what’s wrong. Most of them gave me valuable feedback, but definitely Mr. Ha’s feedback was the most valuable one. He said that the most important key is understanding the relationships between contexts and keywords. While I was putting all of the opinions that teachers gave me together, I found my previous methods to study, like reapiting checks all around the materials, weren’t quite efficient. So I tried to change my ways to study, such as summing up the points and getting to know about the relationships. Thankfully for me, I was able to get a good score since the 3rd exam of that year. I still remember how my face looked on the day when the scores came out. I was calm but with eyes filled with tears of thankfulness. Everytime I recall this experience, I feel like my face turned crimson, as I found that I was quite arrogant at that time. But on the other hand, I feel so greatful, as I also found that this experience let me learn that just giving up doesn’t change everything, therefore I should try to change myself to overcome the challenges.