English Essays #3. Genetically Modified Foods, The Greatest Technical Advance in Agriculture

English Essays #3. Genetically Modified Foods, The Greatest Technical Advance in Agriculture

2021-10-20 0 By 커피사유

English Essays 시리즈는 카페지기 커피사유가 영어로 작성한 각종 연습글들과 에세이들을 모아놓은 공간입니다.

우선 서두에 이 글은 서울대학교 Jeniffer Baillargeon 교수님의 College English 2: Writing 수업의 과제 일환으로 작성된 연습용 문단임을 밝혀둡니다.

Before everything, I’d like to notify you that this short paragrph was written in a college class, named ‘College English 2: Writing’ in Seoul National University, leaded by Professor Jeniffer Baillargeon.

To me, it is clear that genetically modified (GM) foods are quite beneficial for humanity, because of their well-balanced nutrients and congruousness for cultivating. Although there are some people concerned about the safety of the foods and their possibility of disturbance on the ecosystem, GM foods have already been discovered as the most enormous revolution in agriculture. First of all, GM foods are more suitable to cultivate than traditional crops, with their strong resistance to diseases. To illustrate, a bunch of GM crops that have been already developed for pest and virus resistibility such as eggplants, corn and soybeans, are everywhere at nearby supermarkets. This point also leads to the second splendid aspect of GM foods, which is, it can save people suffering from a shortage of provisions. Because those genetically modified crops can be tempered, not only to have high resistance toward bacterias and viruses but also to have a short growth period and flexibility toward the environment where they grow, they can be produced faster even in more amounts. For instance, there is research that found a way to regulate the compounds of the root of cassavas and its blooming season, helped people cultivate it easier, therefore making a great effort for resolving the starvation in Africa. The fact that GM foods have well-balanced nutrients to maintain a healthy body, is also one that should not be ignored at all. Golden rice is a good example to examine that point. It has plenty of vitamin A or Beta-Carotene, helping people see very well in a dark environment and also providing anti-oxidants, therefore, staying healthy. In conclusion, I think that people should pay attention to lots of beneficial aspects, such as the nutrients and flexibility of GM foods – one of the greatest technical advances mankind has ever made.