Mili – In Hell We Live, Lament

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I walked down a path
Leading to the past
Stole from the tree’s hands
A regretter’s friend – the forbidden fruit

I bite off the skin
Chewing on its tender flesh
Quaff down its lukewarm pus
You became the “me” who you despised

We swallowed the time
Let us rewind


If you wanted me to speak
If you wanted me to think
If you wanted me to carry on our dreams

Each loop we live though
(Each loop we live though)
The standards inside me
The line I drew for me
Lowers to the earth


Why’d you make my voice sutter?
Why do truths never matter?
Why’d you curse me with
“you’re a natrual born genius?”

Endless inferno
Counter-clock we rose
Counter-clock we reload

Tick tick tock
Replayed throughts
Forget me not
I’m inside the empathic light

I bite off your skin
Exposing the angels on your ribs
They stare at us
Hello, how may I help you today?
Please, a one-way ticket to heaven

Buckled up on velvet seats
Seneries were passing by
Not so different from our hell
Not so different from our home

Then I realized
Someone’s heaven could be
the source of my torment
Life is allowing your self
Allowing yourself to step on fire
(Life is to consume)
(Life is to become food for each other)

Shed tears on bloodied routes
(No matter evil or good)
(Life is fairness, life is inequality)
Eternally in hell
(Life is in the motion)
We live by default

Lement (Nell)

If you wanted me to live (Inferna)
If you want me to forgive
If you want us to pretend
like we’re civilized humans

Each loop we die though
(Ques te anim?)
(Each loop we die through)
(Ques sej mentalle?)

The justice inside me
The ego fending me
(Ques io fuocca?)
Rationalize my sin
(Ques qui Diavola?)


Why do deaths end my torture?
(Cossa non naturha)
Why can’t anyone feel my hurt?
(Via si violenzalle)
Why’d you crown the most
violent to be champions?
(Bruschia sej diva, verha ignisa)

In this inferno (Inferno)
(A! Lamenta, lamenta)
We build for ourselves (Cis senza)
Reviving each other in this hell
(Lamenta, lamenta, lamenta)


Mili – In Hell We Live, Lament, Lyrics
Mili – In Hell We Live, Lament